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Beauty, as they say, is more than merely skin-deep. Often perceived quite wrongly, beauty does not lie in the skin complexion but in one's inter-personality. It, rather, comes with being confident in the skin your in. Nothing compares to the poised charm of a confident woman; knowing that she looks Beautyliciously~Beautiful inside and out.

Asmara Dior Cosmetics houses a complete range of Top-notch cosmetics and skincare products in an assortment of exotic colors. As a visionary in the Beauty Industry, Asmara Dior Cosmetics vision for every customer is to offer top quality products that will improve, enhance and beautify their unique features. Asmara Dior Collection of the outstanding Fragrance-Free Organic Products are the emblem of everything that is original.

We, at Asmara Dior Cosmetics, Specialize in Paraben-Free Mineral products that help to highlight and enhance your natural beauty. Formulated with high-quality ingredients, our products are meant to improve every woman's features to perfection.

Asmara Dior products are customized to suit every woman's beauty care needs, personality and character type. Intending to showcase your individuality, every color palette is selected after carefully musing so as to provide you with an exclusive product line to help you look every bit of self-assured, and beautiful.


We believe in providing affordable luxe beauty and skincare products to help you enhance your innate beauty that emanates from within and reaches far beyond your ethnicity. Our beauty products have been specially designed to help you make a fashion statement with your looks and to explore your personalized beauty preferences to reveal nothing but the best for you.

Asmara Dior signifies the Celebration of Femininity in its ingenuity, bringing you finesse that is formulated to pamper your inner goddess. We stand for unconventional, unbridled beauty in its True Essence. Our motto is to help you polish up your instinctive charm while retaining the originality of your beauty. We are the True Symbol of Diversity and Individualism.

In a World full of Surrealism, Be Authentic; Be Younique; Be Your Ultimate Best. Learn to make the right choices when it comes to pampering your skin. Choose wisely. Choose Asmara Dior Cosmetics.

The House Of Asmara Dior International Beauty Empire

Be Bold! Be Beautylish! 


Remember that the crown upon a woman's head is not her beauty but her knowledge. The Virtue of a Woman is the most beautiful part of her.

ASMARA DIOR Cosmetics brings the Beauty Out of Fashion

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