​Asmara Dior GlamTv is a Media Platform used to highlight our unique Brands and Exceptional Team of Beauty Professionals.

Are you a beauty fanatic, but you can’t find a brand that fulfills all your needs? Are you passionate about individuality and staying true to yourself? Then Asmara Dior is the Beauty Brand you are looking for.

Asmara Dior Offers you a new and exciting combination of Beauty and Skincare products to replenish your skin and You can’t beat this amazing deal anywhere. From amazing skin care products to prep your skin and cosmetics to suit every woman of color and ethnicity.  Asmara Dior has you covered with!

​We are building a Team of Certified Makeup Artists, Beauty Ambassadors, Beauty Advisors and Beauty Insiders and Fashion Designers that can assist you with all of your beauty needs, training and  Q&A’s.

Want to hear the best part? You can have all of these services right at your doorstep, with our Asmara Dior Beauty Geek Squad and Mobile Glam Lab Services. Whether you are getting prepared for your special day or you are in need of an Asmara Dior Beauty Pro to train or assist you with the latest makeup techniques that will make your step-out Beautylish and Glamorous like that of a Royal Queen. We will be here to help assist and ensure that you will have a fascinating experience.

Choose Asmara Dior Cosmetics and Get ready to be mesmerized!

Be Authentically Unique!

Be Fearlessly AUTHENTIC!

ASMARA DIOR Cosmetics brings the Beauty Out of Fashion

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